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Semi dedicated servers

Having more extra supplies and autonomy for your web portals is invariably a commendable option. The semi dedicated hosting solutions furnished by 'Golgotha 3D' are well supplied with everything larger web portals would demand for quicker page loading times under solid Internet traffic conditions. Compared to VPS plans, the semi-dedicated server services also deliver unlimited domain web hosting possibilities, but deliver way more central processing unit and web hosting server freedom, because of the less account owners employing the very same quite rock-solid web hosting server. Besides, you still receive the web hosting industry’s foremost CP - Hepsia. As a standard device, at no extra cost. You will immensely esteem the point and click File Manager, the Domain Manager and the Email Manager, the One-click App Installation Tool and the Web Page Installer sections.

Feature Overview Semi Dedicated Silver Semi Dedicated Gold
Monthly Charge
Web Content Space Unlimited Unlimited
Network Traffic Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum CPU Usage 100% 200%
MySQL Queries 90 000 / hour 130 000 / hour
MySQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Database Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
IP Address
Hosted Domains Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
One-click App Installation Tool
Web Page Installer
Free Site Templates
Web Service Accessibility