IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Is your organization’s technology up to date?? Are your systems slow or as old enough to have been around since the great flood? Golgotha 3D is here to help!

Golgotha 3D offers the following consulting services around IT Risk Management:

  • IT Evaluation 
  • IT Scoping based on your business needs
  • Application Configurations (build, update, monitor, and manage)
  • Desktop Configurations (build, update, monitor, and manage)
  • Server Configurations (build, update, monitor, and manage)
  • Network Configurations (build, update, monitor, and manage)
  • Virtual Chief Technology Officer Services
  • Virtual Chief Information Officer Services
  • Managed IT Services


G3D is a firm of professionals that have worked with people where you are. We are a team of seasoned professional IT consultants that believe in a secure IT Infrastructure. We teach and preach security from the start in every aspect of your business. This not just a saying but a way of life for the consultants of G3D.

We have many years of experience in the Financial, Electrical, Retail, and distribution business sectors. We take a risk-based approach to all that we do to ensure that our recommendations are based on industry standards peppered with your organization’s financial budgets in mind and focused on your customer’s security in the foremost of any project or service we offer. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation allowing us to help your organization implement the most secure solution possible.